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Lotus Elite - ARS $ 6375000 - USD $ 75000 - EUR € 63750
Vehículo publicado en: June 2020

Lotus Elite 1961 en venta, Oklahoma U.S. Vendido

Condition is very nice but not perfect.  It compares favorably with cars sold recently for much more.  Very good yellow paint (not factory yellow).  New Dunlop 48 spoke painted wire wheels.  Tires are 20 years old with very little wear.  Approximately 1500 miles since complete rebuild.  The second owner bought a black badge after Clark’s death.  The original green and yellow badge is included.

In about 1992 I completely disassembled the car and replaced all worn parts (and many that weren’t so worn) and returned many modifications made over the years to original.

Titled as a 1961 model, this is one of the cars sent to Jay Chamberlain on invoice ELC 624 dated March 22, 1960. When Chamberlain’s backers forced the liquidation of his inventory, Carl Haas bought some of the cars. The original owner went to Chicago in 1961 and picked this one out for $2800! As original with matching numbers, it is now fitted with two SUs and a tubular header. The odometer shows 87,000 miles but the actual mileage is probably closer to 90,000 since the cable had been disconnected for a period of time. I purchased the car from the second owner in 1984.

I will consider delivery for gasoline and expenses. Serious buyers are invited to look at the car here in Grove, Oklahoma. You won’t be disappointed.

u$ 75,000 or best offer.

(Este vehiculo ha sido publicado en “Lotus Elite W.R.)

Automóvil Clásico en Venta en: Argentina

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